Julia Barry is the creator of In Her Image: Producing Womanhood in America, a multi-media program addressing the effects of contemporary American images. Julia is a also a successful singer/musician, and wrote a number of original pieces specifically for the project, In Her Image. Talk about a modern-day Renaissance woman!

In her own words, Julia explains why she is contributing to the SPARK summit:
“I want to fight sexualization of girls in the media to create a fairer, more aware society where tolerance, healthy relationships, and authenticity are valued. I want to raise public self-worth and eradicate gender roles oppressive to all genders. This all may sound lofty and theoretical, but I’m taking action on these issues because they affect real, individual people’s lives in so many consequences from violence to to disease to poverty. If we can treat each other respectfully as humans (rather than as sexy entertainment objects), we will be much better able to come together to work on all other progressive change.”

Part of “30 Allies in 30 Days.” Learn more about the SPARK Summit and check back tomorrow for our next ally!

Originally posted at Hardy Girls Healthy Women.