Have you been following the SPARK blogtour? Leading up to the October 22 SPARK Summit, girl activists have been lighting up the blogosphere, sharing their unique voices by guest-blogging from the websites of SPARK allies and participating organizations. In case you missed out, here is where the blogtour has stopped so far:

STOP 1 –Carmen Rios on Feministing

“How old were you when Britney Spears wore a midriff top and miniskirt to Catholic School? How old were you when Twilight was released and tweens everywhere discovered that sexy relationships were about control and abuse? How old were you when Hannah Montana became Miley Cyrus and took off her clothes? And how old were you when Lea Michele, from the family programming Glee, did the same?

Someone was a girl when all of that happened. And she was watching.”


STOP 2 – Lexi St. John on The F-Bomb

“My name is Lexi St. John and I am currently a senior in high school. I have been an environmental activist throughout my high school career. I am the co-founder and president (with my twin sister Liza) of S.O.S. Go Green Club Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit that raises both money and awareness of the growing problems of drastic climate change, to educate schools and the community about practical everyday solutions that can solve these problems, and to help students assemble to aid the environment.”


STOP 3 – Ali Jean Reynolds interviewed by Jaclyn Friedman on Yes means Yes

As part of the SPARK Summit Blogtour, I recently had the chance to chat with 17-year-old activist Ali Jean Reynolds, who works with Hardy Girls, Healthy Women to challenge the ways the media sexualizes girls. Here’s a transcript of our fascinating chat:

JF: So, start with Hardy Girls. How did you get involved?

Ali Jean Reynolds: My sister, Kate, was on the board for two years before me, and of course, anything she did I did not want to do. Ha! That’s sisters for ya. Anyway, when she left, I saw all the good that Hardy Girls was doing, and the GAB, or Girl’s Advisory Board, group, and I joined.


There’s much more to come, so stay tuned to the SPARK Summit website all this week to follow the remaining stops on the SPARK blogtour!