How can we explore the boundaries of violence and pleasure?  What does living in a “sexually liberated” society really mean? Where is your line? Nancy Schwartzman travels around the country with her film The Line in order to ask young woman and men these very questions.  It’s a sex-positive, anti sexual violence movement called The Line Campaign and it’s starting revolutionary conversations about sexual assault and consent around the world.

Center for Sex and Culture from Nancy Schwartzman on Vimeo.

In this screening of the film at the Center for Sex and Culture, Schwartzman asserts, “We’re socialized to be sexy but not sexual, so [we don’t] even know what we want, what we’re allowed, when we can say no or say yes.”  She hopes to look critically at social expectations on sexuality and then to capture these conversations in order to create a widespread dialogue on the issue.

Fortunately, The Line Campaign is gaining widespread recognition for its crucial work in the anti violence movement.  The website was just named one of the 50 Best Blogs for Following Women’s Rights and The Line has and will show at the International Women’s Film Festival of Israel, at the Female Eye Fest in Toronto, and at Flying Broom Fest in Ankara, Turkey and more.  We’re can’t wait to see what comes next from this exciting and important movement.