Want to hear what young feminists have to say about SPARK Summit? Look no further than the F to the Third Power  blog, written by high school students in the class “Fierce and Fabulous: Feminist Women Writers, Artists, and Activists” at LREI. The class is led by teacher, Progressive Women’s Voices alumna, and SPARK ally Ileana Jiménez (check out her blog at Feminist Teacher and Twitter @feministteacher). The students write, “Think feminism is dead?  Think again.  We are high school juniors and seniors and we are young feminists…We are today’s changemakers and activists, poets and bloggers making a better world.”

Inspired? Read on to see what these young women and men have to say about their experience at SPARK Summit and how they are truly SPARKing a movement for change.

●      Boys Will Be Boys? By Lidor Foguel: Walking home from the SPARK Summit, I feel powerful, eager and ready to make a difference. [Read more…]

●      ‘Boys Will Not Be Boys’ By Steven Susaña: Today I was one of the few males at the SPARK Summit. I was a part of the Male Allies Action Spot. [Read more…] (Check out the author’s blog and Twitter!)

●      Street Theater at the SPARK Summit By Taylor Brando: Street Theater was an eye opening experience. In writing my own “monologue,” I opened up more about what “pisses me off” and what I could say to that. [Read more…]

●      Sexual Harassment is Not Okay By Meiling Jabbaar: Yesterday at the SPARK Summit I learned a lot about the sexualization of girls in the media and the ways in which we can help stop and prevent this issue.  [Read more…]

●      Geena Davis: Inspiring Awareness and Movement Against the Sexualization of Girls By Grace Tobin: “I’d rather be the girl playing baseball, than the girlfriend of the main character playing baseball.” – Geena Davis. [Read more…]

●      Flipcam’s Ability to Spread the Word By Grace Tobin : The first workshop I attended at the SPARK Summit this past Friday was the Flipcam Workshop. [Read more…]

●      The SPARK Summit: Eye-Opener By Olivia Tjernberg: Woke up at 5:15 in the morning, dragged myself around the house, got myself ready, ran down for coffee and a bagel, and it was still dark out. [Read more…]

●      The Never Ending Advertising Cycle By Hannah Rifkin: During the SPARK Summit, I attended the “Hard-Core Media Literacy” workshop and the “Hey…Shorty” workshop on street harassment, both of which I found very insightful. [Read more…]

●      Deconstruction of Ads By Julie Wintrob: In the morning workshop Hard-Core Media Literacy at the SPARK Summit, we deconstructed ads with these three framing questions that I think will help people become aware of what they are watching on television and in the media. [Read more…]

●      Sexualized Ads: Where Are We Headed? By Cameron Diggs : At the SPARK Summit last week, I attended a workshop entitled ”Hard-Core Media Literacy” where we analyzed media (mainly advertisements) and broke down what the advertisers wanted us to purchase, wanted us to think and feel, and what we thought and felt while viewing them. [Read more…]

●      SPARK Summit: Male Allies All the Way! By Ian Tsang: During the SPARK Summit, I spent most of my time at the male ally station.  What was my and all the rest of the male allies purpose there?  [Read more…]