Update Nov. 24: A great piece, by Lily Blau of the Huffington Post, on the Macy’s Day Parade Petition.

Hardy Girls Healthy Women, founding partner of the SPARK Movement,  wants to give girls the opportunity to see their favorite female characters float through the air at the seasonal Macy’s Day Parade. 

In the 84-year history of the parade, only 8% of all the balloons were of female characters. That’s 10 out of 129! Macy’s has over 3.5million people lining the New York streets to watch the parade and another 50million viewing from home. Don’t the little girls deserve to see themselves reflected in the event?  

Hardy Girls Healthy Women have initiated a petition that asks Macy’s Inc CEO, Terry J. Lundgren, to commit to building an equal number of female characters balloons into the parade line-up. Join the fight for equality. Sign the petition below and text PETITION to 61827.