“I am a CANVAS. Every day society projects certain standards, messages, and images UPON ME. Society tells me how I should look, act, and feel. So when you ask me who I am, I don’t always know what to tell you. But I am learning to step away from these projections, and use them to make a statement of MY OWN.”

These amazing photographs were taken at the Projection/PBG “action spot” on Oct. 22, 2010 at the SPARK Summit in NYC. Did you have your picture taken? Find and tag yourself. If not, enjoy this collaborative piece of artwork and share with your friends. The images tell a series of stories, giving girls and their allies a way to talk back to media sexualization, sexism, and stereotypes. As an eating disorder survivor, Colby College student Aleah Starr developed Projection to allow people to tell their stories anonymously and to push back messages projected on girls’ (and guys’) bodies. Thanks for bringing your courage and activism to help SPARK this movement, Aleah!

Aleah Starr at the SPARK Summit