Nadia Bourne is a slam poet and activist currently studying at St. John’s University in New York.

This particular poem focuses on Nadia’s goal for six months of abstinence.

“I think that it is important, not only for girls to know the worth and the cost in giving yourself to another, but for men to hear what it is we require from them from our own mouths. We as young women often feel in the dark, enabling our new found tactility to gain experience. Before one does so, it is my hope that one invests the time and takes a step back before leaping forward into womanhood. Our youth and our inexperience is just as precious, worth cherishing and holding on to, as our budding bodies change. I hope that should you decide to progress, or should you have already done so that it is with someone who has a receptive ear, painstaking and gentle hands, and a genuine spirit who’ interest lies in you as a gestalt whole–not just as a some of parts.”

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