About-Face has been a SPARK partner from the beginning.  They helped us plan our kick-off Summit and infused the day with the boundless spirit of girl-fueled grassroots activism.  Their tagline “Don’t fall for the media circus!” speaks volumes to us and we’re spreading their girl positive messages far and wide to help them achieve their mission to “equip women and girls with tools to understand and resist harmful media messages that affect self-esteem and body image.”

What we love most about About-Face are their creative, bold “take it to the streets” actions, and we’re thrilled to partner with them for this “Covert Dressing Room Action” SPARKit.  About-Face launched this action in the downtown shopping area of San Francisco and it has inspired girls to spread fun and supportive messages in store fitting rooms across the country.

Don’t women deserve to feel fantastic when they look in a mirror? Wouldn’t it be lovely to remember that “Confidence is beauty” when you see your reflection? This Covert Dressing Room SPARKit gives you everything you need to secretly inspire smiles in your hometown stores, including directions to make removable decals with positive messages like “You are beautiful,” and “You do look phat in that.”

So get your spy face on, grab some decals, and head over to a local store.  Don’t forget to videotape your action and send it to Jennifer at jberger [at] about [dash] face [dot] org so she can post it for other girls to see! While you’re at it, put a few decals on your mirrors at home and remind yourself that you are beautiful just the way you are!