Let’s make shoppers think! 

If you’ve been in a big box store toy department lately, you know that when it comes to play, girls and boys are reduced to gender stereotypes, neatly organized in pink and blue aisles. Girls are sold nurturing, cooking, and cleaning, with a heavy dose of fashion and appearance/body obsession. Their toys, like Bratz and Monster High dolls become a gateway into a narrowly stereotyped and very sexy version of teen life. Boys, on the other hand, are told that they can create, destroy, or save the world. Minus the destruction/ aggression messages—not good for anyone—their toys invite all manner of exploration, construction, and action.

You’ve Been SPARKed! invites you to call attention to stereotypes in toy stores and other places where sexism and sexualization reigns supreme. Simply grab some Post-its, markers, and a camera (your phone will do) and head out to a local store or mall. Under your message write: “You’ve Been SPARKed! sparkmovement.org.”  Download full directions and more great examples here!

When you’re done, snap a picture, and then email it to sparkteam@sparksummit.com and we’ll add it to our You’ve Been SPARKed! Facebook album!


We can’t wait to see your pictures.  So go ahead, SPARK this action!