As promised, this week we’re bringing you our “homework” as requested by Teen Vogue. Today, SPARK activist Alice looks through the September issue of Teen Vogue for diverse, unretouched photos of models and girls. But even with Selena Gomez on the cover, this issue just doesn’t quite make the grade:

Counting repeat images (so, multiple pictures of the same model), this issue features 123 thin, white women and only 37 women or girls of color or non-thin white women. Without counting repeats, the numbers are 85 vs. 18. Not exactly diverse, right? All of the images appear to have been retouched, but hey–we’re not experts! We’d love for Teen Vogue to show us otherwise.

Tune into tomorrow for another video & another issue, and don’t forget to make your own video, image, or blog post and send it to us to share!