by Julia Bluhm

My mother made me costumes
Made from colorful cloth and itchy Velcro,
Of mostly ballerina-princesses,
And fairies dressed in rainbow.

After that phase passed, I wasn’t stopping.
I got my first taste of online shopping.
I was too “grown-up” for mom’s designs,
But what I wanted was still hard to find.

All the zombies they sold had fishnet tights,

And the witches I saw just didn’t seem right.
I just wanted to be Hermione Granger,
But a lot of the costumes I saw seemed a lot stranger.

Halloween is a day where you find something new to be,
But all I found was a huge lack of variety.
For the girls who don’t want to be Monster High
The selection is sadly and disappointingly dry.

I was Helen Keller one Halloween…
That’s not something you’ll find in the magazine.
I could have been this panda, or this little Snow White.
But in Maine in the fall? Not fun! I’d get frostbite.

Pirates are scary, unless you’re a girl.
Why wear a skirt? And it’s too short to twirl!
And although 20% of the military is women…
The only girl costume I could find, strangely, was this one!

When did Halloween become a sexualized fashion show?
If we’re not “Devil Demonica”, where can we go?


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