If you’re reading this, we probably don’t need to tell you the importance of supporting girls’ activism. But just in case, we’re going to anyway.

  • Girls and women are sexualized throughout all forms of media.
  • Sexualization leads to real, dangerous consequences, like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and low achievement in and outside of school. Sexualization is a form of emotional violence.
  • Viewing women as objects is the first step to committing physical violence against them. Sexualization contributes to a culture of violence against women.
  • Girls can make a difference. Since 2011, SPARK girls have taken action on sexualized toys, unrealistic images in teen magazines, sexual violence in sports culture, and more. SPARK girls have been featured in major media and at the first ever UN Tribunal on Girls’ Issues, helping launch urgently needed conversations about girls’ health and well being in our current media environment.
So here’s where you come in: girls can change this culture, but they can’t do it alone. And neither can we! We’re using Piggybackr, a super cool new site that trains kids and teens in fundraising, to raise money for SPARKteam activist trainings. One of the coolest things about Piggybackr is that each of our activists gets her own page to explain why SPARK’s work is so important to he. Here’s what some of them are saying:
“SPARK has helped me to grow in confidence and as a person and has encouraged me to think about how I can help to change the world for the better. I know SPARK will be able to help many other girls just like they did for me. ” – Georgia Luckhurst, 14
“Every girl should be able to live in a world where what she does is more important than how others view her. Together we can reclaim the power that has been taken from us.” – Maya Brown, 18
“With SPARK I’ve really bloomed as an activist, speaking on a radio show and blogging about both media and real-life problems related to sexualization and the importance of young girls developing healthy self-esteem.” – Ria Desai, 18
“I love my job so much that when I go to parties and people ask me what I do, I start crying when I explain it. I’m actually crying a little right now.” – Melissa Campbell, 23, SPARKteam Coordinator
You can click through to all the girls’ pages on the right hand side to see why SPARK is so important to all of them.  (We especially recommend that Game of  Thrones fans tune into Alice’s video.)

By contributing to this campaign, you’ll be equipping more girls with the tools, skills, and knowledge they need to transform their passion into action and their action into success. The more money we raise, the more cool things we can do–like hold multiple trainings per year, expand the SPARKteam to include more girls, and more!

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