This Friday, October 11th is the second International Day of the Girl. This is also the kick off date for our 7-day Take Back Media Times Square campaign by the Brave Girls Alliance. During this week, we have rented a digital billboard in Times Square (amazing, right?!!) on 7th Ave & 43rd Street and we will be showcasing messages from girls and people who care about girls who want a better, more diverse, and non sexualizing media representation of girls.

And to kick off the week of girls-loving billboard messages, we invite YOU, your friends, and all the girls you know to join us in Times Square to celebrate with a series of very short (easy-to-follow) Brave Girls Want flash mob-esque dance moves to draw attention to our sparkling billboard! We need you!

Here’s the scoop:

In the next two days:
1)    Grab a bunch of friends, girls, sisters, cousins, girls you meet on the street
2)    Find a space to practice (empty classroom afterschool, living room, cafeteria, park, subway platform…)
3)    Learn the dance! (secret tip: you don’t have to be “a dancer.”). Just go to this link and watch our YouTube video where Amee, Mia and Asa will show you what it looks like:

4)    Try to memorize the sequence of moves, but of course feel free to make them your own and add your own flairs.
5)    Exaggerate the gestures and commit to the meaning of placing your hands on hips as “proud” gesture and that the “Popeye arm curls” as a gesture that channels to everyone watching that you are “strong.” It’s ok to be cheesy here!
6)    Smile! Have fun with it because that is way more important than getting every move exactly right.
7)    Practice again! Have a snack! Practice again!

On Friday October 11: 
8)    Find your brightest orange or turquoise shirt, sweater, scarf or hat (or if you don’t have anything in these colors, then just wear bright colors and your dancing shoes!).
9)    Meet us in front of the Toys R Us on 44rd St and 7th Ave at 5:45pm on Friday – look for the orange & turquoise balloons or women in orange or turquoise scarves.
10) We will do our dance 4 times at 6:00, 6:15, 6:30 and 6:45, so if you miss the first one, you can still jump in.
11) Take pictures! Make videos!

Can’t wait to see you Friday when we will show and tell the world what #BraveGirlsWant!