SPARK is producing a new play in New York City!

The SPARKteam Players are a troupe of writer/performer/activist girls from SPARK Movement in and near New York City who use theater to address and challenge the issues that girls face daily. This spring, a superstar group of seven young women have been working for six weeks to create a new show that explores the root causes for violence against women and girls and presents unique ways at looking at new solutions.


UNFINISHED: Girls of Today, Wives of Tomorrow is an original play with songs and dances that offers creative strategies for ending the sexualization of girls. Through theater, Amanda, Amee, Gauri, Izzy, Nicosie and Tiffany have created a nightmare world in a not-too-distant future where girls are forced to give up their dreams and conform to (and rebel against!) dangerous and limiting standards of stereotyped femininity. In this empowering, passionate, and collaborative play, the girls wake us up to what we need to do to change the way we understand gender, power and relationships.

Haven’t you ever wanted to break free?
Being hurt and isolated
Was our greatest blessing
Because if we didn’t feel that way,
If we didn’t hate the way things were
We wouldn’t have had the passion to change it.
We had the power to make a difference.
We took strides and saw changes.
We are the seven who pursued our freedom.
We are the seven who took our lives in to our own hands.
We are the seven who decided to not be afraid to live.

All performances are free and include a discussion with the writer/performers following the show!

Wednesday, May 28 at 7pm – The Playroom Theater (151 West 46th St, between 6th & 7th Ave)
Thursday, May 29 at 5pm* – NYU Law School, Greenberg Lounge (40 Washington Sq South)
Friday, May 30 at 4pm – The Playroom Theater
Saturday, May 31 at 2pm – The Playroom Theater

*special performance in partnership with PACH (Project for Advancing our Common Humanity at NYU)

This production would not have been possible without generous funding from the Frank and Ruth E. Caruso Foundation, the NoVo Foundation and the Project for Advancing our Common Humanity.