Girls Advocacy

At SPARK, we know that girls are experts in their own lives–and we want everyone else to know it, too. That’s why a major part of our activist work has been  media and advocacy training. SPARK girls have been advocates for girls’ issues in media, at conferences, in workshops, and basically anywhere else you can think of where there might be a microphone. Here’s a look at some of the great talks, TV and radio appearances, and workshops that SPARK girls have delivered.


Bailey Shoemaker Richards on “Tell Me More”

Crystal Ogar at Women in the World 2012

Julia Bluhm keynotes Proud 2 Be Me Summit, 2012

Emma Stydahar & Carina Cruz delivered a keynote at the 2013 Girls Inc Leadership Conference

Julia Bluhm & Izzy Labbe at TEDxWomen

Carina, Emma, & Dana on Brian Leher talking about the Body Peace Treaty

Sariel Friedman, Sage Franco, and Eva Shang on NickNews, 2013

Full episode:

Emma Stydahar and Annemarie McDaniel, UN Tribunal on Violence Against Girls at CSW 57

Katy & Mehar at Day of the Girl 2013

Crystal at SureFire 2013 (no photos)

Emma & Amee at American Association of Theater Educators conference, performance of Bodyvox

Calliope Wong at Educating For Change 2013, Dartmouth College

Ty Slobe and Eva Shang at Free Press Denver 2013, closing plenary

Crystal Ogar, Mehar Gujral, and Angela Batuure at Women in the World 2014

Celeste Montano, keynote at Hawaii Youth Summit 2014

Katy Ma & Mehar Gujral at the 2014 YWCA Potential to Power Symposium

Cheyenne Tobias, Scenarios USA workshop

Angela Batuure at Women Moving Millions 2014

Ty Slobe (with Lyn and Dana) at NWSA 2014

Commision on the Status of Women 2014

Jazmin Martinez on Feminist Magazine Radio, 2015

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