SPARK has recognized since the very beginning that the arts – especially performance – is an amazingly powerful tool for activism. Sharing human stories tickles our emotions and allows us to understand and empathize with real people’s struggles and challenges. We love how we can create an immediate community inside a theater between the performers and the audience and have used that space to engage in dialogue about finding strategies for solutions to the issues we bring up in the performance. Between 2012-2015, SPARK produced 6 original theater productions – all written and performed by girls in New York City for audiences from the sidewalks of Brooklyn to the chambers of the United Nations! We also created 2 toolkits for you to produce activist theater in your community!

Blurring Binaries

Blurring Binaries was created by Nadia Bourne and Emma Stydahar and was performed at Indwelling... Read more

Day of the Girl Comes to NYC

The City of New York, in collaboration with SPARK, declared October 11, 2012 New York City’s first annual Day of the Girl! Read more


An original play written and performed by an amazing ensemble of 9 teenage girls in New York City. Read more

UNFINISHED: Girls of Today, Wives of Tomorrow

An original play with songs and dances written and performed by the ensemble. Read more

This Is Not a Safe Space

An outside, site-specific, performed “soundwalk” written and performed by teenage girls, that raised awareness about the issue of... Read more

The Takeover, United Nations

An original performance featuring stories from girls from 15 countries and performed by 8 girls at the UN for a sold-out audience of 650 people... Read more
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