From its inception, SPARK has been an intergenerational movement, where adult activists, educators, and researchers scaffold the work of girl activists. Here are the adults who gave their passion, dedication, time, and vast expertise to the work and well-being of the SPARKteam over the years.

SPARK Summit
strategic planning coalition

Lyn Mikel Brown, PhD
Deb Tolman, PhD
Dana Edell, PhD
Julie Burton, Women’s Media Center
Jamia Wilson, Women’s Media Center
Megan Williams, Hardy Girls Healthy Women

SPARK Movement staff


Dana Edell, Executive Director, 2011-present
Melissa Campbell, Program Coordinator, 2012-2015
Dana Bushee, SPARKteam Coordinator, 2012-2013
Bailey Shoemaker Richards, SPARKteam Coordinator, 2013
Amy Castro Baker, Development Associate, 2013
Crystal Ogar, Action Squad Coordinator, 2014
Candice Iloh, Action Squad Coordinator, 2015

SPARK Movement advisory board


Lyn Mikel Brown, 2010-present
Deb Tolman, 2010-present
Amy Castro-Baker, 2010-present
Jamia Wilson, 2010-2012
Megan Williams, 2010-2013
Shelby Knox, 2011-2014
Shareeza Bhola, 2014-2015

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