Fan activism is when fan groups make political change on social issues by engaging the core fan base of a particular tv show, book series, movie, comic book, sports team, etc… and then drawing parallels between popular culture and the real world.

The Glee Equality Project fan activist movement included re-writing the plot-lines which fans felt didn’t fully address the homophobic and transphobic behavior of key characters in the series or presented heterosexual relationships differently to LGBT+ relationships. Read their Equality Report for Episode 414 “I Do”.
The Harry Potter Alliance has engaged millions (yes millions!) of Harry Potter fans both online and on the ground to take action and achieve amazing victories such as getting Warner Bros to change the sourcing of their Harry Potter chocolate to be 100% UTZ or Fairtrade and donating over 315,000 books through their Accio Books campaign among many other successes.
The Harry Potter Alliance ignited the Odds In Our Favor campaign which asked fans to ‘join the resistance’ and share stories of economic and social injustice from racism and class inequity to equal pay.

SPARK Movement published a Tumblr blog called Capitol Cuties that invited fans of The Hunger Games to raise awareness about class issues and income inequality by spoofing a Cover Girl Makeup ad campaign that celebrated the cruel and materialistic tendencies of Capitol citizens.

Read more from #FandomForward and download fan activism toolkits and activities that address issues including sexism & gender identities, that engage Avatar, Marvel Comics and Pokemon fans among others.

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