Creating a petition is one of the most simple and traditional ways of calling for change, making your voice heard and reaching out to supporters to join your cause.

In a petition, you write a clear request to someone who has the power to make change (politician, CEO of a company, school principal, etc…) about what specifically you want to change, signed by as many folks as possible. This adds pressure and shows that there are more people than just you who care about the issue. Online petitions are totally free to create and can spread quickly to folks all over the world and are a way to let them learn about your issue and feel your passion for it. You can start your own petition on sites like and then use social media (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc…) to promote, share, gather signatures and raise awareness about your campaign. Petitions are a rapidly growing way to connect to others.

At age 17, Fahma started and won a campaign with her friends via Change.Org, an online petition website. Her campaign called for the education secretary to write to the leaders of all primary and secondary schools, to speak out about the dangers of female genital mutilation (FGM) before the summer holidays, when girls are at the greatest risk. Listen to the group talk about their campaign here.
SPARK Movement has launched several successful petition campaigns. Read about our campaign that led to Seventeen Magazine’s promise to never Photoshop & to commit to race and body size diversity in their magazine.

The National Assembly for Wales has a Petitions Committee – as long as you collect 10 signatures, politicians in the Assembly will discuss your issue. It can be a great way to raise awareness of your campaign. Find out more about how to submit a petition to the Assembly here.

Click here to read about how you can effectively use petitions as part of your activist campaign.

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