SPARK Ally of the Day: Shelby Knox

I’m just coming to terms with the fact I’m not a “girl activist” anymore, although the documentary that told my story of fighting to get better sex education into my Texas high school, The Education of Shelby Knox, captured me forever as a bubbly fifteen year-old with questionable fashion sense. Since the film came out,…


SPARK Ally of the day: Deborah Tolman

I am a developmental psychologist, researcher, mother (of two teenage boys), professor, activist, daughter. I grew up before Title IX and did not know that I could be as strong with my body as I was with my mind. As an adult, I stumbled into body competence by accident and have been pursuing it, along…


SPARK Ally of the day: Jess Weiner

Considered this generation’s “Go to Girl” for self-esteem, Jess Weiner inspires audiences worldwide with her authentic take on living a confident life. She is a best selling author and the founder and Chief Creative Officer of Talk to Jess, LLC and the Actionist® Network, a global online community that recognizes and connects individuals and organizations…


SPARK Ally of the day: Shari Miles-Cohen

“I am the senior director of the American Psychological Association Women’s Programs Office (WPO). The WPO works to improve the status, health, and well-being of women psychologists and women in the general public. I am adding my spark to this movement because the APA’s Task Force Report on the Sexualization of Girls found that the…


SPARK Ally of the day: Julia Barry

Julia Barry is the creator of In Her Image: Producing Womanhood in America, a multi-media program addressing the effects of contemporary American images. Julia is a also a successful singer/musician, and wrote a number of original pieces specifically for the project, In Her Image. Talk about a modern-day Renaissance woman! In her own words, Julia…


My Trip to the “Capital of Beautiful Women”

This summer I traveled to Colombia and stayed in Cali, a city known for being the country’s “capital of beautiful women.” Knowing this I was even more intrigued to see how gender roles and representation play themselves out.…


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