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Day of the Girl comes to NYC

by Emma Stydahar Exciting/amazing/fabulous news: The City of New York, in collaboration with SPARK (but of course, where else would all this fabulousness come from?), declared October 11, 2012 New York City’s first annual Day of the Girl!  This declaration comes at the same time that the UN adopted Resolution 66/170, which declares October 11…


SPARK & The NYC Mayor's Office present Day of the Girl!



NEDA’s Proud2bMe Campaign Matters To Girls Like Me

by Annemarie McDaniel Society’s expectations of women pull and stretch us in every direction, telling us to be slender but not anorexic, sexy but not sexual, and pretty but not vain. It’s a constant balancing act for women, and now young girls, to emulate what the media tells us is the ultimate woman, and it…


We've done our homework–now it's time for Teen Vogue to do theirs

by Maya Brown This past summer, fabulous SPARKTeam members Emma and Carina wrote a petition and staged a mock fashion show outside of Teen Vogue headquarters, asking the magazine to follow the lead of Seventeen and pledge to stop photoshopping the bodies and faces of girls in their magazine and commit to showing diversity…


SPARK takes Manhattan (& Brooklyn, too!)

Get in on this!

by Sariel Friedman When the SPARKteam girls shuffled in to the SPARK retreat on the morning of Thursday, August 9th, little did we know that by the end of the weekend, we would have gotten hopelessly lost on public transportation, critiqued sexualized advertising wherever we went, spent way too much money on junk food from…


Seventeen commits–now, Teen Vogue!

By Emma Stydahar The past few months have been very exciting in terms of how women and girls are portrayed in print magazines. Firstly, after SPARK staged a protest in support of SPARK member Julia Bluhm’s petition urging Seventeen Magazine to change their photoshop policy, in this months issue of Seventeen editor-in-chief Ann Shoket announced…


Join the Keep It Real Challenge!

We are super excited to announce the launch of our latest campaign, together with Miss Representation, LoveSocial, I Am That Girl, and Endangered Bodies: The Keep It Real Challenge! We were so invigorated by the positive response to SPARK blogger Julia’s petition asking Seventeen Magazine to run one unretouched photo spread per month, but we…


Help us SPARK change with You've Been SPARK'd!

Last week, we told you about our latest SPARKit: You’ve Been SPARK’d! encourages girls, boys, and adults to talk back to harmful messages they see in advertising and other media (like product packaging in gendered toy aisles!). We’re so excited about this SPARKit that we want to take it even further: think sticky notes in…


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