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Say it loud! Tips for successful public speaking

by Julia Bluhm, Montgomery Jones, and Izzy Labbe There are few people who enjoy public speaking. From the stress of writing a speech to the nerves of the big day, it may seem like public speaking leaves little to be desired–but it’s not true! By sharing your voice with others, you can teach them something…


Boy Blogger: Dealing with 'The Look'

by Justin Owumi Have you ever walked into a room and had someone give you The Look? Well I have. In fact, I have received The Look more times than I can count. I am referring to The Look that says, “What the hell are you doing here?” “Why are you here?” “Are you lost?”…


Why intergenerational feminism matters

by Ty Slobe I can’t remember a time growing up when I didn’t idolize older girls. When I was in middle school, I dreamt of being in high school and having cool friends with licenses who frequented concerts and looked awesome at proms. When I was in high school, I dreamt of being in college…


Teen girls Hollaback! in North Carolina

by Alice Wilder Ten girls are in the center of the room in a tight circle. Hannah, who is facilitating this activity, takes out a slip of paper and reads, “Step in the circle if you’ve cried this week.” Everyone steps inside the circle: the seven girls of Youth Against Rape Culture (YARC) and their…


Filibusters, Moral Mondays, and Channelled Rage

by Alice Wilder Being a feminist in the south often means being largely in the minority. It means expecting restrictive legislation with every new legislative session. This summer though, it also means that you might find yourself on a lawn with thousands of protesters. It means running out of “politicians make crappy doctors” pins in…


Just Because We're Teens Doesn't Mean Our Voices Don't Matter

by Georgia Luckhurst The other day, while I was sitting eating lunch with some friends, one of my newest friends asked: “Georgia, are you a feminist?”  Only a year ago, I’d have responded with utter scorn, as back then I still would have been scared of people’s reactions to my feminism – I’d have been…


Advice from Gloria Steinem

by Maya Brown Last month, I was lucky enough to see Gloria Steinem speak at Colby College.  Her talk was beyond fabulous, and really inspired me as a young activist and a SPARKteam member. It’s hard for me to pick out pieces to highlight because the whole talk was great, but there were three things she…


Where are Young Feminists? Right Here.

Get in on this!

by Tyanna Slobe Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of presumptuous chitter-chatter in the media about how young feminists do not exist and how feminism itself is a dying movement. It seems that there are a number of journalists out there who believe that feminism was left behind in the 1970s, and since Taylor Swift…


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