How to be an Ally: A Guide for Teachers & Other Adults

by Alice Wilder Once upon a time, my friends and I had to deal with a male teacher who liked to tell girls what to do with their bodies. One of my friends got a “talking to” about her dress, even though she was within the dress code, because–and this is a direct quote–“teenage boys…


11 Things You Can Do TODAY!

The sexualization of girls in our culture is kind of like a hydra: you get rid of one awful image, product, or advertisement, and six new ones appear in its place. Sometimes it can feel like nothing you do makes a difference—media makers have so much money and power, and maybe you just have an…


Takin’ It To The Streets

Maya Brown is a sophomore at Waterville Senior High School in Waterville Maine. She enjoys music, technology, photography, and anything related to theater. She has been a part of the Girls Advisory Board at Hardy Girls Healthy Women for three years, and a part of Hardy Girls since the beginning (10 years ago). She believes…


SPARK Experience

By Culley Schultz Culley Schultz is a senior at Glen Ridge High School, outside of New York City.  She is the vice-president of the GRHS Girls Learn International (GLI) Chapter as well as the Secretary of the GLI Junior Board.  Last year, Culley created a short documentary and commentary on the portrayal of women and…


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