Brenda Guesnet

SPARK Artists: Daniela Groza wants you to be kind for real

by Brenda Guesnet Daniela Groza is a Romanian artist based in New York City working mainly as a documentary photographer. She recently got in touch with SPARK for her newest project Be Kind For Real (BKFR), which is all about practicing kindness through art. The project was exhibited in the Emmanuel Fremin gallery in NYC…


It Happens all the Time: How I set up an exhibition about sexual harassment at my school (and you can, too!)

by Brenda Guesnet We’ve all experienced it in one form or another: a small remark from a passer-by that was ‘only a compliment,’; an unwanted hand somewhere on our body at a party; a person we trusted going further after we said no. I don’t have a single female friend who doesn’t have a dozen…


'Everything is practice': an interview with Patricia Alvarado

by Brenda Guesnet For this month’s SPARKArtists we talked to Patricia Alvarado, a 22-year old visual artist from Chicago finishing up art school at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Although Patricia is mainly a performance artist, she uses a variety of mediums, including video and photography. Her work draws on personal experience as…


SPARK Artists: The Guerrilla Girls and activism as art

by Brenda Guesnet Some of you might be familiar with the image above: it’s arguably the most famous poster artwork of the anonymous feminist group “Guerilla Girls.” The Guerilla Girls have been active since the 1980s, and became famous for their billboards and posters calling out sexism and racism within the art world. The poster…


Who is the World Cup for?

by Brenda Guesnet The FIFA World Cup is the largest sporting event in the world. The 32 best national male soccer teams compete, attracting an audience of more than 26 million people worldwide and costing billions of dollars every time it is staged. This time, the host country of the cup was Brazil, and advertisers…


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