Cori Fulcher

Hot Girls Wanted: A SPARK Roundtable

by Montgomery Jones, Aviv Rau, Mariah Hall, Courtney Fulcher, and Jazmin Martinez Hot Girls Wanted is a documentary that gives its audience a glimpse into the world of amateur porn, looking into the day to day lives of young women in the industry. It’s been on the media’s radar, thanks in part to producer Rashida…


SPARK Reads: Nell Zink's Mislaid

by Courtney Fulcher I first saw screenshots of Nell Zink’s Mislaid when Rachel Dolezal became a news story. I had heard about the book before because it was one of those “10 Books You Must Read This Summer!” but I hadn’t  intended to read it until I read those screenshots. They were all wickedly funny…


Male authors, teen girl characters, and Keo Novak

by Cori Fulcher Not too long ago, I talked with a friend about men who could write teenage girls. I had mentioned Jeffery Eugenides and could not for the life of me think of any others. I listed all the teenage girls of literature I loved dearly and then remember one by one they were…


SPARK TV Week: We tried to believe in ABC's Selfie

by Cori Fulcher I wanted to like Selfie. I liked the main actors and I like My Fair Lady. For a moment, I thought it was going to be a musical, and that made me very excited. The trailer made me cringe, but I brushed it off. Karen Gillan was playing a mean girl! John…


#ReadWomen2014: Boy, Snow, Bird

This post is part of #ReadWomen2014. by Cori Fulcher I don’t really feel like Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi was written at all. I think it was told to the author a long time ago, or something she watched play out secretly. The book seems painfully real, but also from a strange, metallic alternate dimension.…


Is 'Frozen' solid?

by Cori Fulcher When I was younger, my favorite fairy tale was The Snow Queen.  Like all the best fairytales, it had everything: wise crow couples, doppelgangers, and a “robber princess.” The story has stuck with me for a long time, not in the least because of its creepy beginning: a long tangent about a…


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