Emma Stydahar

My Bra, My Business

by Emma Stydahar The other day, I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook, and I happened upon a status update that stood in stark contrast from the usual fare of Feministing articles and Malala Yousafzai memes. A young man I know so eloquently shared this with the world: “what the fck is good with…


Day of the Girl comes to NYC

by Emma Stydahar Exciting/amazing/fabulous news: The City of New York, in collaboration with SPARK (but of course, where else would all this fabulousness come from?), declared October 11, 2012 New York City’s first annual Day of the Girl!  This declaration comes at the same time that the UN adopted Resolution 66/170, which declares October 11…


How Much Money Will We Spend For "Perfection"?

By Emma Stydahar Every morning I take the New York subway system to school.  Before swiping my Metrocard at the turnstile, I am greeted by the friendly neighborhood Metro newspaper guy.  These men and women are strategically placed throughout New York City’s subway stations aiming to pass out as many free Metro newspapers as possible.…


Why the World Needs Feminism

We love this longer post from SPARKteam member Emma on why feminism isn’t just some spent social movement from the past (and not just ’cause she gives us a shout!): On November 25, 2011, ABC aired an episode of 20/20 concerning the sexualization of young girls and the organization SPARK (Sexualization Protection: Action, Resistance, Knowledge) which is…


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