Everyday Isms

Sexism is Not Actually "Edgy"

by Anya Josephs Seth McFarlane has been repeatedly called an “edgy” choice for an Oscars host. The Onion brands itself as a daring, controversial form of satire, steadfastly refusing ‘to knuckle under to pressure from the community.’ Unfortunately, there is nothing edgy, nothing daring, and nothing unique about an hours-long fest of sexist, racist, and objectifying “jokes,” comments,…


This is the truth, and it ain't pretty

Ed. Note: This piece was originally published at HuffPo Teen for the Proud2BMe campaign. We are reposting it this week in honor of NEDA’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. by Georgia Luckhurst I may be proud to be myself now, but for roughly two years, I hated myself. When I was 11, I decided I was…


Your happiness is not a competition

by Shanzeh Khurram Most of us tend to compare ourselves to others and then determine our self worth depending on how we measure up. This habit of comparing and competing might be addictive, but it can also be very harmful to our self-esteem, and lead to feelings of not being “good enough.” As women, we’re…


Race is a feminist issue

By Shavon L. McKinstry Racism is a feminist issue–just as much as sexism, homophobia, and any other type of discrimination. Many newcomers to feminism don’t know this; many veterans forget about it. In battling for contraceptives, petitioning against politicians who don’t believe in a woman’s right to choose, arguing over the wage gap, and so…


The Race of Hunger Games

By Crystal Ogar There are a number of issues when it comes to the casting of The Hunger Games. When we first meet Katniss, the main character in the books, she is described as having straight black hair, usually in a braid down her back, olive skin, and gray eyes. Funnily enough, Gale (her best…


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