Friendships & Relationships

Who Do You Talk To?

by Dee Putri I used to watch TV with my dad when I was a kid. I saw a lot of assault on the news, especially the noon news. There were a lot of crimes on the news at the time–it felt like TV only showed rape, thievery, kidnapping and murder. My dad didn’t really…


YOU Are a Superhero!

by Julia Bluhm When I’m in a crowded movie theater, or waiting in a ridiculously long line, or visiting a city that’s bigger than my teensy town of Waterville, I catch myself thinking: “Gosh. There are a lot of people.” It makes me feel kind of…. insignificant. And then I remember that there are 7…


Your happiness is not a competition

by Shanzeh Khurram Most of us tend to compare ourselves to others and then determine our self worth depending on how we measure up. This habit of comparing and competing might be addictive, but it can also be very harmful to our self-esteem, and lead to feelings of not being “good enough.” As women, we’re…


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