Julia Bluhm

Being a feminist face in an "un-feminist" space

The author performing in 2013

by Julia Bluhm I’ve been a feminist ever since I knew what a feminist was. Being a feminist seemed like common sense to me. I felt like, naturally, I was a feminist in everything I did. I’m a feminist as I work with a team of inspiring, motivated women in SPARK to create change. I’m…


My Grandmother is my feminist inspiration

Virginia Bluhm

by Julia Bluhm The suggestion for this blog came from Michael Dobson, also one of Virginia Bluhm’s grandchildren. On August 26, 1971, New York City’s fifth avenue was flooded with over 50,000 woman participants in a nationwide strike for equality in politics, employment, and education. It was organized by Betty Friedan and the National Organization…


Say it loud! Tips for successful public speaking

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 9.18.12 AM

by Julia Bluhm, Montgomery Jones, and Izzy Labbe There are few people who enjoy public speaking. From the stress of writing a speech to the nerves of the big day, it may seem like public speaking leaves little to be desired–but it’s not true! By sharing your voice with others, you can teach them something…


Not "crazy," just dedicated

don't let the haters stop you from being this duck

by Julia Bluhm When girls are young, Cinderella tells them “dreams really do come true.” As we get older, that philosophy changes and we learn that life isn’t actually a fairytale. You have to work hard in order to achieve something great, and even then it doesn’t always happen.  For me, ballet started as a…


Stop calling girls "mean"

mean girls are so 10 years ago

by Julia Bluhm Everywhere we look, we see girls being mean. We’ve seen it in the movies that followed cliques of rich white girls on bullying sprees, the countless reality TV shows that feature women yelling at each other and the dozens of baking/fashion/modeling/wedding competition shows that attempt to gain viewers by pitting contestants against…


The Art of Recreating Yourself

we are all made of stars

by Julia Bluhm I’ve always made “New Years Resolutions” and “School Year Resolutions.” Sometimes, “Summer Vacation Resolutions.” The idea of change has always appealed to me, and that includes feeling the need to change myself. I always felt really guilty for feeling that way, probably from always hearing about how I was “fine just the…


Guess What? I'm Still Shy.

Portrait of a shy girl--yes, this is possible!

by Julia Bluhm I am a shy person. I don’t think I ever really hated anything about myself except for that. Being shy used to make me really mad, because I had this constant rush of thoughts and ideas that flew through my mind, but it was like no one even knew. I felt like people…


Don’t Stop Believing: Our TedxWomen Journey


by Izzy Labbe & Julia Bluhm A little over a week ago, we flew to Washington D.C to speak at the TEDx Women conference. Our 10-minute talk was all about our experience with the Seventeen Magazine Campaign, and encouraging girls and women to join organizations like SPARK, in order to make a difference. The best…


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