Looking for ways to protest the sexualization of girls in media before SPARKsummit? Check out these opportunities…

    1. Participate in Hardy Girls Healthy Women’s “living canvas” project and let them know what you think of the media.
    2. Check out viBe Theatre Experience’s play titled “Gossip Burnz: When You Stop You Learn”: a brand new play with song and dance by teenage girls.
    3. Support Hardy Girls Healthy Women’s “30 SPARK Allies in 30 Days” campaign
    4. Join About-Face Take Action Group 2: Covert Dressing Room Action.
    5. Attend Hardy Girls Healthy Women’s 2nd Annual Freaky 5K Run & Walk October “Halloween 2010: We’re bringing scary back”
    6. Click here for the Pledge form
    7. Click here for the Registration page (both virtual and physical!)
    8. Submit pictures, past and present, of your scariest and most unique Halloween costumes for a chance to win a free trip to NYC! Read here for details.
    9. Sign Hardy Girls Healthy Women’s petition to stop selling Halloween costumes that sexualize girls!
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