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Dana Edell

Dana Edell, Ph.D., SPARK’s long-time Executive Director, and Lyn Mikel Brown, Ed.D., SPARK’s Co-Founder, have teamed up to offer SPARK 2.0 Training and Consulting. Both Dana and Lyn have extensive experience working with girl activists in nonprofits, schools, and communities. Both have developed curricula and strengths-based programs for girls, and both have worked with girls and adults to develop activist projects and campaigns. Lyn is a developmental psychologist and educator. Dana is a theater artist, producer, and director. Both are scholar-activists, which means they combine their activist work with their research to create the most up-to-date approaches to working with girl activists.


Lyn Mikel Brown

What We Offer

We offer the following 1.5 hour workshops for both girls and adults on how to support girl-fueled activism and foster intergenerational social change work. Consider combining 2 or 3 workshops into a half-day or full-day training for adults, youth, or both.

  • Bridges, Ladders, Sparks & Glue: How to Support Girl-Driven Intergenerational Feminist Activism
  • “Digging Deep”: Why Activism Is Good For Girls
  • Objects Don’t Object: Turning Media Messages Into Media Activism
  • Developing a Girl-Fueled Campaign From Start to Finish
  • Theater for Social Change
  • Blogging for Change

Lyn and Dana have spoken to schools, colleges, community and girl-serving organizations about the how-tos of online and on-the ground girl-fueled activism. Lyn also speaks about the impact of media and marketing on girls and the culture of bullying and girl “meanness.”

Invite us to speak at your community, school, or organizational event about the power and importance of girl-fueled activism. Through images and video clips we share successful campaigns and explore the creativity and powerful impact on girls when they take up the challenge of addressing issues they are truly passionate about.

A SPARK Summit is a full day of workshops, panels, presentations, and fun “action spots.” Let us help you develop your own day-long summit, something we’ve done with Girls, Inc. of the Pacific Northwest in Portland, Oregon. A summit is a great way to introduce girls and women in your community to the fun and power of girl-fueled activism.

Engaging in activism is a powerful experience for girls. Building activism into your organizational approach or into your school, camp, or community organization’s curriculum takes thought and planning. We can offer intergenerational advice (from Lyn, Dana and girls from the SPARKteam), review or rework your curriculum, or help you integrate activism into your programs.

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