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 Are you looking for activities and resources to engage the girls you work with as activists? Are you inspired by SPARK Movement’s successful petition to Seventeen Magazine to promise to never photoshop, their You’ve Been SPARK’d, and their social action theater productions? Want to learn how to support and launch this kind of inspiring and impactful activism with the girls you work with?

SPARKing Change, Encouraging Activism offers girls and their allies creative and effective ways to become media activists—encouraging them to call into question the limited and sexualizing ways that the media (mis)represents them and to take action in protest of the sexist and sexualized version of femininity sold to girls by media and marketers. From writing petitions, to engaging in dialogue to writing and producing theater, you will learn simple yet effective activities to inspire the girls in your community.

In 125 colorful pages of information, activities, resources, and blogs by the young women (ages 13-22) of the SPARKteam (SPARK’s troupe of girl activists), you’ll find the creative work of a coalition of grassroots organizations who have joined together to educate and engage girls in activism. Join SPARK Movement, Hardy Girls Healthy Women, Powered By Girl, About-Face, Girls for Gender Equity, Media Education Foundation, Project Girl, The Line Campaign, and viBe Theater Experience to challenge media sexism and sexualization, generate alternative forms of media, and coordinate actions online and on the ground with girls from across the country, and around the world.

This new curriculum is everything you need to engage girls in conversations about media sexualization and to run a SPARKit Girls Group in your high school, afterschool program, summer camp or community organization.  Edited by Lyn Mikel Brown, EdD (author of Powered By Girl: A Field Guide for Supporting Youth Activists) and Amy Castro Baker, MSW, SPARKing Change, Encouraging Activism, introduces you to media literacy, media critique and activism projects and invites the girls in your life to “SPARKit!” in

your community!

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