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My Favorite Shows Aren't on TV

by Joneka Percentie Living Single. Girlfriends. A Different World. These successful 90’s and aughts sitcoms featured black leading ladies who portrayed real women. As a young girl, I didn’t understand the importance of what I was watching.  Nowadays, accurate representations of black women on television is out of style. According to the Women’s Media Center,…


Ugh, Dress Codes

by Izzy Labbe If you are or ever have been a teenager in America, you know this time of the year: it’s early June, and the countdown until the last day of school is becoming more and more intense. It’s so hot outside that you have absolutely no desire to get out of bed early…


When Other People Watch What You Eat

by Celeste Montaño Last time I had dinner with a friend, she laughed as I set down my food. “You’re so funny,” she told me, but didn’t elaborate. I smiled uncertainly. Seeing that I didn’t get it, she gestured to what I was eating. “The mac & cheese, the fries, the soda… it’s all so…


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