In defense of fanfiction


By Sophia Simon-Bashall I have been reading and writing fanfiction since I was 13 years old – I am almost 20 – and I am unashamed of that fact. I believe in the power of this medium. Middle-aged white men may not see the value inherent in fanfic, and the rest of the world may…


Alopecia, TV & Me


By Gemma Garner I remember the day I found my first bald patch. I was around 14, in the middle of getting my hair cut. I was getting a trim, nothing more, nothing less. My mum always insisted that I should get a bob, or a pixie cut, but losing THAT much hair seemed too…


Young, not clueless


By Bex Dudley I need to preface this with a disclaimer. I am a white Brit and, for those reasons, this is not my story to tell. However, I am telling this because I am also a queer young person. My queerness means I feel at least a little of the pain the world is…


Election Reaction: Trumping Trump


Content Note: Rape, sexual violence, racism It’s hard for us to have words for what’s happened in the US election. We’ve felt shocked, lost and broken, but we’re ready to fight. Here are some reactions to Trump’s win from the young women who write for us: Amy, UK – I was all set for election…


Dear Young Women


By Beatrix*, Guest Blogger Dear Young Women – we aren’t welcome in Politics. That’s why there needs to be more of us. I’ve a bit of a reputation for being positive. Relentlessly so. I can be a bit of a whirlwind; pitching up to events, finding the funny and re-enthusing tired activists. People think it’s…


Louise O’Neill discusses “Asking for it”


By Sophia Simon-Bashall CN: Discussion of r*pe culture and victim blaming In the summer, I was lucky enough to hear the Irish author Louise O’Neill talk about her ground-breaking novel, Asking For It, at my local bookshop. It was an incredible evening, and Louise made some very poignant points. I feel it would be selfish…


Powered By Girl: the power of showing not telling


By Yas Necati Hi, I’m Yas, the new editor here at SPARK, and also editor over at our sister blog Powered By Girl. When I first started calling myself a feminist, I was 15. It was confusing, inspiring, life-changing – as you can imagine. I began to campaign with, and make friends with, a lot of people…


Research Blog: Sometimes compliments can hurt

by Kim Nguyen Compliments. I love giving them and am generally comfortable getting them. I love original and artistic expressions that people rock (because I’m slightly jealous of people who can pull off super unique looks) and I like to make other people feel good. I like to think I have an eye for design…


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