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Research Blog: Speaking out against Sexism

by Kim Nguyen While many of us are happy to see 2016 end, I feel the coming year will require fierce resistance, solidarity and deep connection. This past election took quite a toll on many of us and I didn’t expect that I would be so emotionally and psychologically affected by the political climate of…


Research Blog: Sometimes compliments can hurt

by Kim Nguyen Compliments. I love giving them and am generally comfortable getting them. I love original and artistic expressions that people rock (because I’m slightly jealous of people who can pull off super unique looks) and I like to make other people feel good. I like to think I have an eye for design…


What is queer fiction?


By Anna Hill When I first started my search for mirrors in the form of queer books I was often recommended entirely non-queer books. I think this is because people have fundamentally misunderstood what queer fiction is and how good and valuable representation works. Here are some of the problems I have found: One [side]…


Research Blog: Is sexual harassment worse than bullying?


-by Kim Belmonte In my high school, boys would sneak up behind girls they found cute and unhook their bras. When this happened to me, I—like all the other girls—shrieked and ran off to re-adjust my bra. I was annoyed, embarrassed and also, a little confused. Even though it made me uncomfortable it was generally…


Research Blog: The Gift of Feminism

by Marisa Ragonese Oh, niceness. The basis of so many religions. The fundamental lesson of kindergartens across the US. The peace and good will towards man thing that’s especially popular this time of year. It’s a big hit across the ages and across the board. It could be because I’m a little bit of a…


Research blog: Super hero, or super sexy?

The X-Men's Mystique

by Kim Belmonte It’s summer! School’s out and you’re ready to hang out. When you’ve had your fill of the heat and humidity, maybe you’re like me and you want to head to see an exciting movie, with tons of action and maybe even superheroes?!  Unfortunately it seems like most action movies have some pretty…


Research Blog: There's no crying in basketball! (But I did anyway.)


by Stephanie M. Anderson Growing up, I loved being active: climbing trees, riding bikes, building obstacle courses, you name it. If it involved dirt, even better. I loved testing my body’s limits, not to mention my parents’ nerves (but that’s another story). Once I was old enough to play an organized sport – basketball in…


Research blog: sexual objectification as everyday trauma


by Jennifer Chmielewski Like many women, I have put up with my share of sexual harassment, subway groping, and just dealing with plain old creepy dudes. This issue is so commonplace (women have been speaking up about it for ages) that the NYC MTA actually announces now that “a crowded subway is no excuse for…


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