Ajaita Saini

Sorry, but I actually have nothing to apologize for

by Ajaita Saini “Sorry” has probably become one of the most common words in my dictionary. Despite the fact that I cringe every time I hear this word, I find myself saying it over and over again. The word has become a replacement for transitions in conversations, where we start off sentences with “sorry, but…”…


Quiet can be powerful

by Ajaita Saini “Honestly, as much as I love you, I thought you were a bitch when I first met you. You tend to give off the I-don’t-want-to-talk-to-you vibe.” This was coming from my best friend, and I wondered how many other people had the same impression of me. Yeah, okay, maybe I do come…


We love Mindy Kaling, but not because of her body

by Ajaita Saini Mindy Kaling is an Emmy nominated actress, comedian, producer, and writer. She’s most famous for her work as Kelly Kapoor on The Office and Mindy Lahiri on The Mindy Project. However, she is also known for looking a lot different than most comedians and actors out there. In an appearance on Jimmey…


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