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This is the truth, and it ain't pretty

Ed. Note: This piece was originally published at HuffPo Teen for the Proud2BMe campaign. We are reposting it this week in honor of NEDA’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. by Georgia Luckhurst I may be proud to be myself now, but for roughly two years, I hated myself. When I was 11, I decided I was…


Making-Up is Hard to Do

by Georgia Luckhurst Last weekend, at a sleepover with some of my friends, someone asked me: “If you’re a feminist, aren’t you really against make-up?” It was a shock to be asked – firstly because we were eating pizza and watching Modern Family, not exactly the usual setting for a serious debate. Secondly because I’d…


Defeating the Enemy: Me

by Jasmine White About three days out of every week I have what I like to call “ugly days.” These are days where I feel like I look like crap and nothing I do can change it. This puts me in a terrible mood, and it makes me lose focus. As I walk through hallways of…


YOU Are a Superhero!

by Julia Bluhm When I’m in a crowded movie theater, or waiting in a ridiculously long line, or visiting a city that’s bigger than my teensy town of Waterville, I catch myself thinking: “Gosh. There are a lot of people.” It makes me feel kind of…. insignificant. And then I remember that there are 7…


Breaking the Body Peace Treaty

by Anya Josephs Seventeen Magazine’s “Body Peace Treaty” asks girls to promise to love and accept their bodies, by taking vows like “appreciate what makes my body different from anyone else’s,” “not let my size define me” and “remind myself that what you see isn’t always what you get on TV and in ads.” We…


Your happiness is not a competition

by Shanzeh Khurram Most of us tend to compare ourselves to others and then determine our self worth depending on how we measure up. This habit of comparing and competing might be addictive, but it can also be very harmful to our self-esteem, and lead to feelings of not being “good enough.” As women, we’re…


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