Last week, we told you about our latest SPARKit: You’ve Been SPARK’d! encourages girls, boys, and adults to talk back to harmful messages they see in advertising and other media (like product packaging in gendered toy aisles!). We’re so excited about this SPARKit that we want to take it even further: think sticky notes in fun, relevant shapes; think an online portal where people can share their own notes and photos; think a coordinated (inter)national movement to talk back to advertisers.

We’re hoping to make this our biggest SPARKit yet, but to do that, we need a little help! We’ve set up an IndieGoGo account to help us fund what we know is going to be an amazing project, and we’d love it if you checked it out, shared, and donated what you can. We’ve also got some amazing prizes up for grabs (and more waiting in the wings!) that you definitely don’t want to miss.

Check it out!