Thanks to you, Seventeen Magazine publicly committed to never altering girls’ faces or bodies and to showing a diverse range of beauty. Now it’s Teen Vogue’s turn to step it up, and we think they may need a little SPARKlin’ encouragement.

On Wednesday July 11th (that’s tomorrow!), Emma Stydahar, Carina Cruz, and the rest of the SPARKteam will meet at 11am outside Vogue HQ for a mock fashion show of real girls, the type of girls we want to see in the pages of Teen Vogue–and we need your support!

Here’s how to get in on the action from the comfort of your own home:

photo via New York Daily News

STEP 1:  Take a photo: you can be alone or with friends, with a little sister, involved in a favorite activity, with a cat (or a bunch of cats!), doing something silly or fun, at the top of your fashion game–anything you feel represents what you’d like to see in the pages of Teen Vogue.

STEP 2: Save the image, and exactly 11am EST, tweet the image at Teen Vogue (@TeenVogue) with hashtag #KeepItReal & tag @SPARKsummit.

STEP 3:  Post the photo on Teen Vogue’s Facebook wall with a line about how totally awesome you are and how you want Teen Vogue to be totally awesome, too!

STEP 4:  Spread the word–encourage your friends to take and share photos!

Imagine a world where the images we see in the pages of magazines look like the images we see in the mirror.  Because of you all, we are taking steps closer to the reality, and we’ve got no plans to stop soon. Join us, and let’s keep the momentum going!