by Shavon L. McKinstry

What women have inspired you or changed your life? And why do we only talk about the during Women’s History Month?

SPARK’s new ongoing monthly project, Women’s History Year, seeks to change the way we talk about women, whether they’re famous historical figures or friends, by asking the people to describe and discuss the women who inspire them. The goal of this project is to create dialogue and promote thought about the women who have molded you, who have shaped the course of your life, have inspired you to reach new goals, or have just made you proud to know them.

Please join us in this endeavor! Make a video of your, your friends, your family, or (if you’re brave) complete strangers talking about the women of the past and present who have had an influence on them. Upload the video to YouTube and send us the link at sparkteam at

This month, Women’s history Year was filmed on location at the Syracuse University quad. Watch it below: